Jeff Sessions Made Unprecedented Move Against Trump’s Foes, What He Did Shows He’s Shady As F*ck

We all know Trump is paranoid, but the latest revelation that he directed Jeff Sessions to investigate the FBI’s supposed anti-Trump bias and “deep state actors” is ludicrous.

Trump and his “winning” crew believe that now-former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is a secret agent of a vast Deep State™ conspiracy to impeach Donald Trump. So they launched an investigation. And as usual with anything involving Trump, this probe into the “deep state” has gone off the deep end.

These types of probes have been conducted by past presidents. Be that as it may, there is a tremendous contrast between those probes and the probe Sessions started. In prior probes, outside prosecutors were named to examine potential bad behavior by members of the Bush and Obama administrations. These probes were basically internal investigations, engendered by political opposition and media focus.

But again, this is Donald Trump, so Sessions probe this is nothing like the previous cases. For starters, the United States Attorney for Utah, John Huber, was named by Sessions to examine potential bad behavior NOT by Trump organization authorities, but instead to investigate potential illegal behavior by its pundits or potentially apparent foes (read: the media). What’s more, Huber was selected as a result of delusions from inside the president’s own inner circle to pursue the alleged Deep Staters.

Here investigations are nothing more than a smokescreen and potential future legal defenses for the Trump Presidency. As the curtains begin to close on the Trump presidency, these types of attempts will become more desperate and vicious. It’s even surprising Mueller hasn’t been fired.

Trump will play any trick in the book as we’ve seen, even going so far as to call opponents traitors.

For a man who reportedly didn’t want to be president, Trump is clinging to his office more than the toupee on his head.

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