Jared’s Meeting With Mahmoud Abbas Failed Miserably; Trump Reconsidering Jared’s Position

London-based Arabic daily Al-Hayat reported Saturday that the meeting between Kushner and Mahmoud Abbas had been extremely  “tense.”

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According to a translation of the report by the Jerusalem Post., Kushner and Greenblatt criticized Abbas for failing to condemn a terror attack in Jerusalem last week that left one dead, and for refusing to meet Trump’s appointee as U.S. ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, over his support for the settlement program.Abbas was allegedly furious when Kushner relayed a set of demands from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Rule of thumb Jared: never have a meeting with a foreign leader and piss them off as soon as you open your mouth.

A Palestinian official told Al-Hayat that Kushner will now report back to Trump, who will decide whether there are grounds for continuing talks. Coming off of a series of backlash from his press conference debut, it seems as though Jared will no longer be meeting with any other leaders over seas or making any public announcements after that disaster.

Although he may claim that family means everything to him, Trump would easily throw Jared under the bus and terminate his position if he continues on his path. Donald Trump is an egotistical con man who humiliates himself on a daily basis–he simply won’t tolerate anyone else embarrassing him.


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