James Corden Shows How Easy It Is For White CHRISTIAN Immigrants To Jet Through Airport Security (VIDEO)

James Corden, star of CBS’ Late Late Show, is on hiatus this week, but as he was leaving to fly home to Britain, in the wake of Trump’s travel ban, he decided to film his experience getting through airport security and show just how easy it is for a white Christian to travel in and out of the United States.

Most are probably thinking: but he’s a big star! He probably had a lot of camera crew with him, etc… but no — that’s not how it went down. He was dressed in very non-descript clothing and had no crew with him at all. In fact, he filmed the entire thing on his cell phone, as you’ll see.

During the short clip, Corden barely says a word — he only asks where to check in and can then be seen ordering a grilled cheese sandwich at one of the airport’s restaurants. When he gets to his gate, he easily boards his plane without a second glance.

Watch below, and be sure to read the screen at the end:

Featured image via video screengrab

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