Jake Tapper Went On A Rampage Against Trump And It Was Unbelievably Brilliant (TWEETS)

Of all the media networks, the one that probably gets under Trump’s gross orange skin the most is CNN. Trump has attacked this particular network and its journalists more than any other media outlet and tried his best to convince Americans that CNN is “fake news” – which has only encouraged the network and its reporters to go after Trump more and become more dedicated to exposing his lies. On Saturday morning, CNN host Jake Tapper demonstrated this perfectly when he went after Trump for spending more time on his Twitter attacks than actually doing his job.

We all know that, instead of focusing on the many (now broken) promises he made to America during his presidential campaign, Trump spends most of his time attacking people on Twitter. In the wake of Trump’s disgusting attacks on Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Tapper brutally reminded Trump that there’s a job he should be doing.

Condemning Trump because he “does nothing” to solve actual issues that the country is facing, Tapper unleashed this series of tweets:

This criticism from Tapper could not have come at a better time, as Trump desperately tries to distract the country from his Russia scandal with his Twitter outbursts. Even as recently as Saturday morning, Trump was blasting Morning Joe instead of being president.

Trump also attacked CNN that morning, calling the network “fake news and garbage journalism” – which may have been what prompted Tapper to fire back.

While it’s more than obvious that Trump lacks the competency and intelligence to actually solve the complex issues facing our nation, it’s frustrating that he doesn’t even try. He is treating the presidency like his own reality television show, and running the country like it’s a circus. It’s clear that he has no interest in policies or learning about how the government works, and all he knows how to do is complain about how “complicated” it is and how he thought being POTUS would be “easier.”

Tapper showed every Trump voter how much of a mistake it was to elect a reality television star. Trump is incapable of delivering his promises, and not mentally fit enough to lead the country.

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