Jake Tapper Absolutely Roasts Pence For Giving Security Clearance To Conspiracy Nut Job (VIDEO)

Recently, Lt. Michael Flynn’s son took to Twitter to spread rumors about what was dubbed #Pizzagate, which refers to fake news articles going around that said there was a child sex trafficking ring headed up by Hillary Clinton that was being run in the basement of a pizzeria in Washington, D.C.

In his tweet, he said that “Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story,” suggesting there are many “coincidences” surrounding it.

Since then, crazed right-winger, Edgar M. Welch, was arrested after shooting up the pizzeria. He claims to have gone there to “investigate” Comet Pizza for himself after reading the fake news stories about Hillary’s child trafficking ring. Thankfully no one was hurt during his “investigation.”

Before this all took place, Michael Flynn, Jr. was hired by Trump’s transition team in order to help his father, Lt. General Michael Flynn, who was picked as Trump’s National Security Adviser. Naturally, this would require him to have certain clearance with regard to national security and on CNN Tuesday afternoon, Jake Tapper confronted VP-elect Mike Pence with how absolutely ludicrous this idea was.

 “You must be aware that the transition team put in for a security clearance for Michael G. Flynn, the son of Lieutenant General Flynn,” Tapper said.

When Pence continued to dodge Tapper’s line of questioning and maintained that Flynn was only “helping” his father, adding that Tapper should “move on” to another subject, Tapper wasn’t about to let him get out of answering:

“Sorry, you’re not answering the question. You’re aware that the transition team had put in for a security clearance. This is a young man who had a social media profile with all sorts of crazy conspiracy theories, all sorts of links and re-tweets with white supremacists. Were you aware that the transition team put in for a security clearance for him?”


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