Ivanka’s A Giant HYPOCRITE On Twitter And The Internet Is FURIOUS; America ENRAGED

If you were wondering what the quintessential hypocrite might look like, they probably look a lot like Ivanka Trump. Someone who claims to stand up for women and jobs, but supports her anti-woman dad and outsources jobs in the same breath.

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So, when Ivanka tweeted out:

“This Admin. is committed to creating 25M jobs & skills based education is critical to our job creation efforts.”


The internet wasn’t having it.

No, Ivanka. That’s not what your dad’s administration is committed to. Your dad’s administration seems thoroughly committed to giving tax breaks to the wealthy, deregulating business to increase profits with no accountability, rolling back civil rights, and boosting his own ego. That’s what your dad is about. If you think otherwise, you’re fooling yourself. If anyone believes otherwise, they’re fooling themselves.

Twitter quickly responded to Ivanka’s proclamation that her dad is all about creating jobs and focused on education. BTW, the guy who scammed a whole hell of a lot of people ‘Trump University’ really shouldn’t be tasked with educating anyone. The entire family is a pathetic hypocritical cruel joke that we’re all on the brutal receiving end of.

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