Ivanka Just Went On National Television And Flat Out Lied To The American People (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is in the White House and although it may be a shock to some, we acknowledge that he is, unfortunately, the President of the United States. All Americans have come to acknowledge that Trump doesn’t know what he is doing and he hires the same type of people around him. For instance, his daughter Ivanka Trump.

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Ivanka was brought on to the White House as special assistant to her father. While her position has a title, no one truly knows what purpose this woman actually serves in the administration. Just last month she hosted a roundtable amongst White House leaders. She even traveled with her father on his first world tour as President. One would think she’s enjoying the political ride. But America has yet to see her or Flotus do much of anything for America but look pretty at events.

According to her recent interview, she’s not. Ivanka told Fox and Friends today, that she would rather stay out of politics when she was asked about her father and his Twitter habit as a means of communication. She said,

“I try to stay out of politics. His [Trump’s] political instincts are phenomenal. He did something that no one could have imagined he’d be able to accomplish.”

Girl, what? How does she try to stay out politics when she finds her way to political events and she even said during the beginning of the interview, how she advises her father on a ‘plethora’ of things including politics. Saying she tries to bring the positive values although they disagree.

“Where I can contribute to the agenda. Policies around workforce development about ensuring that barriers are removed for the American working family. Focusing on how we can help our veterans.”

Newsflash rich girl, that is considered politics. And when did you advise all of this exactly? Because your father is pretty much doing the opposite of everything you’ve mentioned. And when you say workforce development, does that include the people you have slaving for you in China to make your merchandise paying them only $62/week.

Stick to making the handbags mama, because like your Dad, you too aren’t fit to run the country.  View the lies below

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