Ivanka Is Being Sued For Knock-Off Shoe Brand; Daddy Donald Would Be Proud

Ivanka Trump is now required to give a deposition in a lawsuit claiming her fashion brand copied another company’s shoe design.

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According to CNN, Aquazurra Italia filed the suit against Ivanka Trump and her company in June 2016. It claims the brand has produced cheaper knockoffs of Aquazurra’s “coveted” and highly publicized shoe designs. The judge submitted her decision Friday, stating in the brief, that despite Trump’s busy schedule, “it is nonetheless true that she is alleged to have personal involvement in the events at issue in this lawsuit. Accordingly, she cannot avoid a deposition in this matter.”

Looks like Trump’s privileged daughter doesn’t get her way this time.

Ivanka Trump’s company declined to comment. Her lawyers did not immediately respond to the media’s request for comment.

The judge also wrote:

“Ms. Trump’s public statements regarding active and comprehensive brand management lead to a reasonable inference that the shoe at issue would not have been released without her approval.”

Just like her father does, Ivanka can just blame it on someone else and play the victim card. After this lawsuit ends, prosecutors should think about presenting another one since there have been major labor violations in Ivanka’s factories. I smell settlement of which she’ll try to swindle out of–much like her crooked father.



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