It Gets Worse: Trump Is Attempting To PROFIT Off Hurricane Harvey

At first glance, seeing Trump in his 1992-style trucker hat didn’t really seem like anything other than what he usually wears. However, when a pattern appeared during his photo-ops to look like he was doing something to help with Hurricane Harvey, it was more than just a hat to cover a bad hair day. Which honestly, is every day for Trump.

Gabriel Snyder from The Atlantic noticed this pattern in the press releases sent out. On Saturday, Trump wore the white hat with “USA” emblazoned on it. Then, on Sunday, Trump wore the red hat.

Trump wasn’t wearing a presidential hat. No, in fact, that hat, in its multiple colors, is offered on his campaign website for the price of $40.


As it would appear, Trump is using this moment in the spotlight as he supposedly deals with Hurricane Harvey to model his hideous hats. Even going so far as to make sure he wears a different color each day. After all, his fans seem to love the ugly hats, too, so why not take the moment while people are being forced out of their homes due to flooding, and some dying, to sell the product to make money for his campaign? Amirite?

Don’t forget that Trump uses that campaign cash for himself, too. Yet, people will be gullible enough to fall for this bullsh*t as they have been all along.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who aren’t soulless monsters will do what we can to aid the people who just lost everything due to one of the worst storms to ever hit the United States.

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