Incriminating Video Shuts Down Ted Cruz’s Argument Against Net Neutrality; This Is Humiliating

As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote to dismantle net neutrality, Texas lawmaker Ted Cruz attempted to joke about the regulations by crafting mock dialogue between a “Snowflake” and an “Informed observer” on Twitter.

As expected, his attempt failed miserably; Cruz ended up making himself the punch line of the joke.

Cruz tweeted:

Snowflake, believing online propaganda: “OMG w/o net neutrality, the Internet is gone!” Informed observer: “You know, the FCC issued that rule in 2015. The Internet grew up wonderfully free from govt regulation & this restores the status quo ante.” Snowflake: “Uh, never mind…”

Cruz’s tweet was viewed as juvenile, with some even comparing the senator to President Donald Trump in regards to his sporadic Twitter posts.

But nothing beat journalist and historian Eoin Higgins’ comment, which contained only 10 words and a photo describing the kinds of traffic that could be slowed or stopped by ISPs. Not only that, but the photo illustrated some unpleasant memories for the Texas Senator:

Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

Higgins is obviously referencing back to an inappropriate tweet ‘liked’ by Cruz that features a woman walking into a house to find two people having sex, spying on them, and masturbating. The same tweet he blamed one of his own staff members for.

Ted Cruz should think twice before ever pulling a stunt like that because his past actions are unforgettable.

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