IMAGES: Pics Surface Of Chris Christie On N.J. Beach He Closed To The Public – And Lied About It

Chris Christie is now the least popular Governor ever in recorded history. The New Jersey governor garners only a 15 percent approval rating and it’s probably going to get even worse.

On Saturday, Christie ordered a shutdown of the state government, and that includes all state beaches on the 4th of July holiday weekend. Christie has been stringent about the park closures, going as far as to force a Cub Scout Pack with 25 kids out of a state park, but now the Republican governor is facing backlash after he and his family were seen in photos relaxing on the beach for the long Independence Day holiday weekend at Christie’s summer house at Island Beach State Park.

After Christie’s shutdown, he and his family were able to enjoy the beach all by themselves then the unpopular governor lied about it.

Judd Legum of ThinkProgress reports:

At a news conference on Sunday, Christie was asked if he had been to the beach that day. He denied it.

“I didn’t. I didn’t get any sun today,” Christie said.

Unfortunately for Christie, he was photographed on the beach, along with his wife Mary Pat, by NJ Advance Media. Asked later about the photos, a Christie spokesman said that Christie “did not get any sun” because he “had a baseball hat on.” 

(my bold)

Since the governor is so proud of his hat, and the lie he told, likely thinking it was funny, here are pictures of Christie on the beach – in the park he shut down – which he said he wasn’t on.

We’re not sure whether Christie’s holiday weekend is just tone deaf or a reminder that Republicans only think their rules apply to others. Or both. We’re going to go with both.

Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images.

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