IMAGES: In Disclosure Form About Contact With Russians, Jeff Sessions Releases Blank Sheet Of Paper

It was a day late but the Justice Department did comply this morning with a federal court order and released part of a security clearance form detailing Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ contacts with foreign governments. The only problem is that it was basically blank – with one exception.

According to NPR,  the Justice Department released that part of Sessions’ form which asks the following question:

Have you or any of your immediate family in the past seven (7) years [bold font in original] had any contact with a foreign government, its establishment (such as embassy, consulate, agency, military service, intelligence or security service, etc.) or its representatives, whether inside or outside the U.S.?”

The box checked is checked ‘No,’ indicating Sessions claims he did not have contact with a foreign government in the last seven years.

But the rest is blank.

It gets weirder.

Natasha Bertrand of Business Insider cited a DOJ spokesman, reporting that the former Alabama senator intentionally omitted meetings he had with Russian officials, including Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

In March, Sessions recused himself from any investigations related to the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia after misleading (lying, or as it’s commonly known: perjury) senators during his confirmation hearing about his meetings with Kislyak.

As it happens, Sessions met with Kislyak twice, even though he testified that he hadn’t communicated with Russian officials during his hearing.

And none of this looks suspicious at all. It’s like the Trump administration isn’t even trying.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images.

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