IMAGE: Trump Supporting Convenience Store Is Offering $50,000 Bounty For Kathy Griffin’s Head

A convenience store in Tennessee is featuring a scrolling digital sign outside the gas station offering $50,000 for Kathy Griffin’s head. Lewis Country Store’s Facebook page is littered with controversial messages in an attempt to garner attention. The store’s Facebook page is very pro-Trump and anti-liberal. Apparently, the store wants to cash in on Griffin’s controversy in which she displayed a picture of a bloody Donald Trump mask, seemingly decapitated. But the store is asking for Griffin’s head after the comedian’s photo-op. Griffin apologized for her stunt and was fired by CNN.

A motorist took photographs of the sign which read, “$50,000 reward for Kathy Griffin’s head delivered.”

“$50,000 reward for Kathy Griffin’s head delivered,” the sign read.

Posted by Knoxville News Sentinel on Saturday, June 3, 2017

“I know this seems like a bad joke, but is this legal?” the man who took the photograph told The Tennessean. “I’m not sure if this is covered by free speech.”

“Generally, the First Amendment protects even speech that may be construed as offensive,” said Tara Ladd, an attorney with the Metropolitan Government of Nashville Department of Law. She added that the sign is on private property.

So, just to prove that liberals are the violent ones, the store is offering a bounty for Griffin’s head. And just to prove that liberals are the real snowflakes, the store was offended by Griffin’s picture because the Trump supporting owner is politically correct. To be clear, in no way do we think Griffin’s stunt was acceptable but this store is highlighting that conservatives think it’s OK when they take things to a violent level.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports:

In October of 2016, controversial signs including “#Trump that b****” and “Never Forget Benghazi” were posted before Shell Oil cut ties with the gas station.

After Trump ‘won’ the election, the store posted a video of their sign which read, “Trumped that b*tch! Depolorables win! How y’all like us now? God bless the USA!”

Here’s a picture for the store’s owner since he likes decapitated heads so much:

As appalling as Griffin’s stunt was, we’re pretty sure that the Lewis Country Store gave zero fucks over Ted Nugent’s threats to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Even though the sign is on private property, I would think that issuing a threat is still illegal. The store is literally calling for the comedian’s head.

The store’s tweets are protected on Twitter. That’s kind of weird for a place of business, don’t you think?

Featured image via David Becker/Getty Images for McAfee

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