If You Think Trump’s Tweets Are Bad, Wait Until You Can’t Block Him From Your Phone

Donald Trump has become notorious for his non-stop Twitter rants. Most rational people have probably blocked his notifications but imagine if you couldn’t do that because they are unblockable. Now, imagine if they come in the form of one of those annoyingly LOUD emergency alerts like you probably get now to warn you of bad weather or missing children. Well, I hate to break it to you, but thanks to Congress we can add this additional bit of hell to the upcoming Trump presidency.

Naturally, Twitter responded accordingly:

Wireless Emergency Alerts, or WEA’s as they are also known, are part of the Warning, Alert, and Response Network Act which was passed by Congress in 2006. The WARN Act allows for WEA’s to be sent to every cell phone getting a signal from a cell tower in the case of a national emergency.

New York Magazine reports:

Per the FCC, a WEA may be sent for three different reasons:

1. Alerts issued by the President

2. Alerts involving imminent threats to safety or life

3. Amber Alerts

Participating carriers may allow subscribers to block all but Presidential alerts.”

Lovely. Okay, so what if Trump decides that Alec Baldwin making fun of him on SNL constitutes a national emergency? Or, when the media pisses him off? All of this seems pretty plausible based on his recent Twitter patterns.

Well, rest assured. The system used to send the 90-character WEA’s is not quite as simple as sending those 3 a.m. Twitter rants that Trump is now notorious for. This system requires a person to actually know how to use a computer and it also requires effort — neither being a skill that Trump seems to possess.

In order for Trump to send out a WEA, he would be required to go through FEMA which means he won’t be able to alert us when someone hurts his little feelings. This is good to know, but somehow I still wonder if he will find a way around the check system put in place. Let’s hope not.

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