Idiot Trump Spent Thanksgiving Consulting Fabio And Don King On Who Should Be Secretary Of State

President Obama and his family spent Thanksgiving giving back to the community by serving dinner at a retirement home for veterans in D.C.

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Meanwhile, in Florida, Trump was busy throwing himself a big ole party at his ritzy Mar-a-Lago resort and it appears that he spent the evening consulting with random guests, such as romance novel model Fabio and convicted murderer Don King, about who he should pick for Secretary of State. Because they are clearly experts…

A source for the New York Post said that Trump spent his evening soaking up the attention of his admiring guests while discussing the people on his short list to head up the State Department:

Donald was walking around asking everybody he could about who should be his secretary of state. There was a lot of criticism about Romney, and a lot of people like Rudy. There are also many people advocating for [former US ambassador to the UN] John Bolton,” the source said.”

Warmonger and all around Trump supporting lunatic, Rudy Giuliani, is probably at the top of the list, but it seems that lately, Trump has taken an interest in former Governor of Massachusettes, Mitt Romney. While it is unlikely that Romney will actually be picked, based on the very outspoken and harsh criticism he’s been throwing Trump’s way, it seems that Trump’s team may have demanded an apology from Romney so that he might possibly be considered.

In normal times, like 2 years ago before the world decided to flip upside down, we would cringe at the thought of Romney being picked for such an important job, but since the country seems to have gone completely batshit crazy, Mitt Romney might be our best hope for a little sanity in the White House.

Fingers crossed that Fabio and Don King gave Trump the thumbs up for Romney.

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