Idiot Right-Winger Compares Hillary To Neo-Nazis And Promptly Gets SCHOOLED – This Is GOLD


When right-wingers get uncomfortable with being called out for pretty much anything, one of their favorite fallbacks is something Hillary Clinton said or did. Today, Joy Ann Reid posted a short thread about why alt-right ideologies aren’t popular outside of Breitbart. And of course, a right-winger just had to ask whether being viewed as a racist includes Hillary, because of her association with Senator Robert Byrd, who was once a Klansman.

Reid just wasn’t having it:

She went on to explain that, yes, Byrd was in the KKK as a young man, but also owned it and has openly expressed his regret for it:

White supremacists and their sympathizers don’t do that. They cry, “I’m not the racist you all think I am,” when, in fact, they are exactly the racists we think they are. When that doesn’t fly, out comes the list of various Democrats—most especially, Hillary—who have associated with white supremacists, as if that somehow makes it all okay.

So Reid unpacked that, too, in exactly the “do you really want to go there,” manner she expressed in the above tweet. Here’s what she said next:

White supremacists and their ilk and sympathizers need to clean their own houses. If they don’t want to be seen as the racists they are, then maybe they should, oh, we don’t know, stop working with, marching with, and associating with known racist groups??? You know, as opposed to screaming, “But Hillary!”

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