Hundreds Of Torch-Wielding, Trump-Loving Nazis Surround And Attack ‘N*****s’ In The Street

When someone describes a scene in which a large crowd of white supremacists got together, surrounded a bunch of black people, and beat them while throwing torches, it conjures images from a shameful time in our nation’s past that should be long gone. But under Trump, old-fashioned racist lynch mobs are back, y’all.

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Friday was the beginning of what the Anti-Defamation-League says may be the “largest white supremacist gathering in a decade.”

The nation’s “not-racists” marched through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia chanting  “blood and soil”– a phrase that was popular in Adolf Hitler’s Germany:

Naturally, they had to remind counter-protesters that they sound like “n*ggers.”

While they claimed they were simply defending themselves against “white genocide” (code for when society doesn’t decide everything isn’t “whites only”) or whatever excuse they have to march around like a bunch of jackasses this time, things quickly turned violent because violence was the goal from the beginning.

Naturally, after police deployed chemical deterrents, the Nazis ran away:

Interestingly, police presence was light for the gathering of racists — completely unlike whenever any group of African-Americans marches in the streets to protest police brutality and other issues they face in modern America.

This is Trump’s America. This is what less than half of us kinda-sorta voted for and got thanks to an outdated electoral system that was set up to protect the power of slave owners.

This…needs to end before our country reaches the point of no return.

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