Homeland Security Director Caught Off Camera Admitting Trump’s Lying To Millions Of Americans

Whenever the media is around, Trump’s swamp of an administration will back up every single lie that comes out of the so-called president’s mouth. However, when the cameras are off–it’s a different story.

According to CNN reporter Jim Acosta, Trump’s homeland security director was caught off the mic discussing undocumented immigrants, claiming that they do not commit more crimes than American citizens.

Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump has made it his mission to ban all undocumented immigrants because he sees them as a threat to public safety. On the contrary, studies obtained by the New York Times have concluded that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than people born in the United States–available evidence “does not support the idea that undocumented immigrants commit a disproportionate share of crime.”

Now, Trump and his naive supporters may call that “fake news,” but when Trump’s appointed Homeland Security Director, the same man who publishes a weekly list of criminal actions by aliens, says that they do not outnumber Americans in crimes, it should be taken seriously. Here’s a perfect example: Trump is a native born American citizen and I assure you he has committed more treasonous acts than any other immigrant.

Ultimately, this is precisely why the White House doesn’t want their little hearings televised, they might accidentally state the truth, then go back and tell Trump that they can’t keep up with all of his lies. Sad..


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