Hillary Clinton’s Latest Tweet Is Driving Conservatives F*cking INSANE

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton posted a photo of herself holding a shirt reading “Nasty Woman” — a phrase leveled against her by traitor-in-chief Donald Trump while he and his campaign were colluding with Russia to destroy her.

“Support Samantha Bee & Planned Parenthood & buy a Nasty Woman t-shirt!” Clinton said. Proceeds from the shirts, which are sold on TBS’s website,  do indeed benefit the health organization — and the money will surely be needed as the GOP’s latest version of their deathcare bill defunds Planned Parenthood for at least one year.

Naturally, conservatives are furious. Why? Who the f*ck knows what goes on inside their thick “poorly educated” brains, but they’re mad as hell and they’re not gonna take it anymore! What is “it?” Once again, who knows. These people are idiots:

In a matter of months, it will be a year since the election — yet Trump’s meth-mouthed imbeciles are still acting like he’s campaigning and they need to help MAGA by making horrible remarks about Hillary Clinton.

These are average Trump supporters. These are the people keeping him in power as the GOP continues to cater to their desires. Think about that.

Featured image via screengrab

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