Here’s What Trump Is REALLY Doing On His ‘Working Vacation’ (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Donald Trump, the man who currently has a historically low approval rating and hasn’t been able to accomplish anything substantial in his several months in the White House, decided to grant himself a completely undeserved 17-day vacation. This is all despite the fact that he’s spent much of his presidency on golf outings, glued to cable news, and tweeting nonsense on social media.

You might remember that Trump spent years criticizing his predecessor, former POTUS Barack Obama, even though Trump has already taken three times as much time off as America’s last dignified president – and that’s why he got nailed for taking his extended golf outing. In response, Trump threw a temper tantrum on Twitter saying that his vacation at his New Jersey golf club wasn’t a vacation at all, and that he was “working.” Trump tweeted:

Working in Bedminster, N.J., as long planned construction is being done at the White House. This is not a vacation – meetings and calls!”

As usual, what Trump tweets and what actually happens in the real world are two different things. Despite whining (lying) about how hard he’ll be working, the pictures and videos that are actually surfacing shine truth on Trump’s alternative facts. Trump isn’t working – he’s playing golf, crashing weddings, and riding around in his golf cart.

Here’s what Trump calls “working” – which makes perfect sense considering how pathetic he is as POTUS.

Trump even had time to ruin a couple’s wedding, as he decided to crash it:

This behavior is inexcusable. Either Trump is incredibly stupid, or he cares so little about Americans that he won’t even hide the fact that he’s partying when he should be leading a country. What we’re witnessing is the leader of the free world wasting taxpayer money and running wild while the country crashes and burns under his failing ‘leadership.’

Featured image via Win McNamee  / Getty Images

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