Here’s What Anthony Scaramucci Did After Trump Fired Him; It’s Beyond Disturbing (TWEETS)

Anthony Scaramucci’s time in the White House ended just as quickly as it began. Just ten days after beginning his position as Donald Trump’s new White House communications director, Trump kicked him to the curb and fired him.

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This, of course, resulted in a massive amount of public humiliation for Scaramucci, who had quickly become one of the Trump administration’s most hated characters. But what is truly bizarre is what Scaramucci did just hours after Trump fired him, proving that all of Trump’s minions are shady and cannot be trusted.

Nearly right after being fired from his role, Scaramucci was seen at the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., hanging out with other high-profile Trump supporters such as Katrina Pierson at the hotel’s BLT Prime. According to a report, Scaramucci looked under the weather and spent most of his time on his phone.

No one knows why Scaramucci would still show up to an event like this to hang out with Trump’s high-profile minions after being fired, but one restaurant diner offered this possible explanation:

Maybe Trump was putting him up and he didn’t have time to check out yet. I guess as he’s not from D.C. he hasn’t got his own base. He was in and out so quickly. It’s incredible.”

No one could blame Scaramucci for not enjoying himself — on the day of his firing, Trump was bragging on Twitter about what a great day it was. Not to mention, Pierson — who was Trump’s spokeswoman during his presidential campaign — had also tweeted about his firing earlier that day. She noted that his single accomplishment in his ten days as communications director was that “he stopped the leaks”:

Talk about being in uncomfortable company.

Featured image via Drew Angerer / Getty Images

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