Here’s The REAL Reason Sean Spicer Stopped Live On-Camera Briefings; It Is INSANE

Last week, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer shocked Americans by resigning from his position due to a disagreement about who Donald Trump appointed to be the new White House Communications Director.

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The announcement was a surprise, but many had already felt it coming. Spicer’s behavior over the last several weeks portrayed a man who was clearly struggling and unhappy with his job – and who could blame him? After only a few months in the role, Trump was wearing Spicer down and it was definitely showing.

Not only did Spicer get increasingly irritable with the press, but he shocked the media – and Americans – when he started to hold his daily press briefings off-camera. It was a move that infuriated the country and greatly hurt the Trump administration, which was already struggling with issues of transparency and had been openly hiding information from the American public. As more details about Spicer’s resignation emerge, we’ve just discovered what prompted Spicer to hide during his briefings – and it’s absolutely insane.

According to New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush, Spicer admitted that the reason he turned off the cameras in his press briefings was so that Trump would stop yelling at him. Apparently, Trump was not satisfied with Spicer’s performance – and he expressed it by verbally abusing Spicer. Thrush said:

“A lot of us assume, and I think the punditocracy assumed, this was an assault on broadcast journalism. In fact most of it was Spicer not wanting to be on camera so Donald Trump would not yell at him.”

“The principled prime mover of that decision amounted to Sean Spicer not wanting his boss watching him work. That is a fact.”

Wow. No one will be surprised that Trump is an abusive boss who makes his staff cower in fear. However, this move by Spicer is absolutely inappropriate and disappointing. To restrict the media and prevent Americans from being informed because of his own personal reasons is extremely irresponsible and disgraceful. It’s a good thing Spicer has resigned – for himself and America.

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