Here’s How Massive It Is: One Reporter’s Tweet Shows The Sheer, Insane Scale Of The Women’s March

Pictures and video from the massive march on Washington, D.C., to protest Trump and the Republican Party for their sexist policies and beliefs are flooding in. By all accounts, the scale is massive. Early estimates put the protest numbers at double the people who showed up to watch Trump’s inauguration.

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But in ground level shots with hundreds of heads bobbing into the distance and aerial shots where things quickly turn into one giant (pink!) blob it’s hard to get a feel for exactly how massive this movement really is.

That’s when reporter Matt Pearce got an idea. Standing at what he figured was near the back of the group, he used his phone’s maps app to plot how long it would take to walk from one end to the other. The results are stunning.

A person at the back of the crowd hoping to meet up with his friend at the front would spend nearly 20 minutes getting there. That’s a staggering number of people who traveled to the nation’s capital to stand together and tell Trump and the GOP that this is not okay. That’s a movement powerful enough to terrify politicians.

But it gets crazier. After posting that tweet, Pearce had to issue a correction. He wasn’t at the back of the crowd. The crowd was still showing up. It was getting bigger every moment.

“Basically, it’s so big, I have no idea what’s actually going on.” That has been the response from many observers. The attendance, the energy, the power of this group of people has exceeded all expectations. It’s overwhelming to the point that even the men and women sent to document it can’t wrap their heads around it all.

And it’s certainly too big to be ignored – even by Trump.

Featured image via Twitter

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