H.R. McMaster Wants To Hide MAJOR Deal From Trump So He Won’t Screw It Up; This Is Big

During a meeting with Senate Democrats last week, Donald Trump’s top national security aide H.R. McMaster had a simple solution for those worried that the administration may totally destroy the Iran nuclear deal (causing way more friction than needed). The solution is: What Trump doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

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That’s right, McMaster is suggesting that the administration completely hide the nuclear deal from Trump to avoid Trump’s irrational outbreaks.

As The DailyBeast reported:

McMaster was more subtle and careful in his words when he hosted a group of roughly 12 lawmakers at the White House, conspicuously timed with the president out of town. But that was the impression he left, three sources familiar with the briefing tell The Daily Beast.”

Although U.S. inspectors say that Iran is complying with the original 2015 nuclear deal, Trump and his fellow critics complain that Iran is using its new revenue to fund militant groups in the Middle East and develop ballistic missiles, which are not covered by the deal.

Two White House officials told The Daily Beast that Trump grimaces at having to twice certify that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear agreement, believing it shows weakness that he had to reluctantly do something he clearly did not see as “tough” on Iran–putting him in a bind. So, what does he do?  Trump consults both Fox News Sean Hannity and former UN Ambassador—and staunch neoconservative—John Bolton on the matter (as if these people have the brain cells to give advice on pulling out of a nuclear deal that could potentially harm us all).

Nevertheless, hiding this deal from Trump could go one of two ways: It could allow Congress to actually make a rational decision, or it could set Trump off because he’ll be out of the loop, most-likely causing more of a feud among the administration.




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