Grassley Warns Trump: You Will Not Get A New AG From The Senate This Year (TWEET)

Donald Trump has been busily humiliating Attorney General Jeff Sessions for quite some time now. He is furious that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, even though it was the only ethical and legal thing to do, given his own contacts with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and his involvement with Trump’s bid for the presidency. However, that has not stopped Trump from attacking Sessions in public and trying to humiliate him into a resignation.

Well, it seems that there is one Republican Senator who is fed up with Trump’s antics regarding Sessions: Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Late Wednesday, Grassley tweeted a warning to Trump. He said that the Senate Judiciary Committee has set its agenda for the rest of the year, and it does not include a grueling hearing process regarding the confirmation of a new Attorney General in case Trump decides to fire Sessions in an impulsive tweet or statement to the media without warning as he did to former FBI Director James Comey. Here is Senator Grassley’s tweet:

It doesn’t get more direct than this. Senator Grassley is on to what Trump is trying to do, and he’s not having it. He and his committee will not install a Trump stooge as Attorney General in order to try and have Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired, and he will not allow Trump to squash the Russia investigation and turn America into some kind of banana republic.

Way to go, Senator Grassley. Trump is an obstructionist. If he tries anymore tactics, put pressure on your colleagues in the House of Representatives to start impeachment proceedings.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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