GOP Tells Hillary Clinton To Come Up With A Health Care Plan, Her Response Is EPIC (TWEETS)

Let’s start off by saying that mistakes were made. The GOP, apparently having abandoned all hope where healthcare is concerned, began challenging various Democrats on Wednesday to come up with a plan of their own: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton, and even Democrat-in-Name-Only Joe Manchin.

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Now, Bernie Sanders has gone in to quite a bit of detail about his ideas for universal health care, Bill Clinton has certainly had some incredibly detailed ideas of his own, Elizabeth Warren is an advocate for single-payer, and Hillary Clinton…well…we’ll just let her tell you.

“’We’ve got to fix what’s broken,’” the GOP demanded. “Where’s your plan, ?”

It turns out, as Republicans should have learned through their opposition research or maybe even f*cking Google during the campaign, Hillary Clinton might have a few ideas.

“Right here. Includes radical provisions like how not to kick 23 mil ppl off their coverage,” Clinton replied. “Feel free to run w/it.” She included a link to her website, where her plan has been publicly available for seemingly forever at this point.

After multiple failures, Republicans must be pretty desperate if the are trying to goad Democrats — especially after excluding them from meetings related to health care — into giving them some ideas to steal. Or maybe this was intended as a distraction — a really, really poorly conceived distraction.

And the crowd went wild.

Let’s get this straight: they have the House, they have the Senate, they have the presidency, yet they are so starved for good ideas that they need to steal them from the people they said were destroying the country?

This is not normal.

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