GOP Strategist Just Trashed Donald Trump Jr; This Is Gold

On Monday night, CNN’s Ana Navarro commented  on the latest scandal about Donald Trump Jr’s undisclosed meeting with a Russian lawyer.

She then gave her reaction to Trump Jr.’s admission on Sunday that he sought political dirt on Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton at this meeting.

Navarro says:

“Yesterday, when I read his statement where he was admitting that he had met with this Russian lawyer for the purpose of receiving information against Hillary Clinton,” she continued,

“I thought, ‘My God, this kid was dropped on his head as a child!’ How could he possibly be admitting this?”


Watch the video, below:

Navarro has been one of CNN’s most outspoken critics against the president and has sparred with Trump Jr. on social media in the past, including last week, when Navarro attacked Ivanka Trump for participating in talks at the annual Group of 20 summit. The two went back and forth on the topic Twitter:




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