GOP Senator Can’t Remain Quiet Any Longer, Blasts Republican Party With Blistering Statement

Controversy continues to stir around Senator Roy Moore’s name as GOP Ben Sasse declared he would remove himself from funding the National Republican Senate if they continued to back Moore. It’s clear candidate Sasse has a very firm stance and Moore as he told reporters on Wednesday “It doesn’t make any sense. If you believe the victims, you don’t give money to the candidates,”  after the RNC resumed its support for Moore.

Sasse continued to share his thoughts on the whole situation stating “It’s pretty obvious that these political parties stink. They are terrible. The American people aren’t impressed with these parties. They don’t think they have their long term future interest at heart and we shouldn’t keep pretending that there is some sort of binary choice that’s gonna fix this. More people should stand up and admit that these choices are terrible.”

Reporters however aren’t the only people Sasse voiced his opinion to. After hearing the news early that morning, he took to twitter to vent some of his frustrations.

Candidate Sasse continued those tweets stating “This sends a terrible message to victims: “It’s not that the party won’t believe you if you come forward. It might. But just doesn’t care.”

Roy Moore, the person in debate here has recently been accused by multiple women for several counts of sexual misconduct with teenagers while he was in his thirties. Moore has pled innocent for each of these cases as more and more allegations come into light.

After the allegations were announced both the RNC and NRSC withdrew all support and fundraising for Moore, however, due to President Trumps announcement to continue support/funding Moore, the RNC announced it would resume it’s support.

You can find Trump’s statements to endorse Senator Moore here.

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