GOP Reps Play Detective Overseas On Trump Dossier, Try To Derail Investigation

The infamous “Trump Dossier” published by Buzzfeed in January has been the source of some very serious consternation for everyone in Washington. The report is still up on the website, with an acknowledgment that it contains errors and is unverified. The dossier is the reason you’ve ever heard the phrase “pee tape” in conjunction with mentions of the President of the United States. In short, this thing is explosive.

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And it’s all investigators care about.

In fact, earlier this summer, some Republicans associated with the House’s investigation — which is separate from and unrelated to the Senate’s investigation — traveled to London to track down the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele. The problem is, they didn’t let anyone know what they were doing. Not the Democrats on the committee, not the Mueller-led Special Counsel, not even their own colleagues.

The Republicans, you see, are more concerned with discrediting the dossier than finding out the sources or veracity behind it. Remember a few sentences ago when I paused to note that the House and Senate have separate investigations? That’s kind of an understatement. Back in March, Senator Richard Burr, the Republican in charge of the Senate panel, said:

We’re not asking the House to play any role in our investigation. We don’t plan to play any role in their investigation.”

There’s just been too much partisan nonsense in the House. The recusal of Devin Nunes, their disregard for the Mueller investigation (“We’re not putting the brakes on our investigation just because Mueller wants something,” said a House official), and the majority of “Freedom Caucus” members — alt-Tea-Partiers, if you will — have all combined to turn the House investigation into the kind of coverup everyone fears it will be.

In other words, the Republicans who secretly went to London to find the author of potentially the most explosive and damning evidence in the Trump/Russia collusion case pretty much just want to find out how it got leaked.

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