GOP Rep. Accidentally Tells The Truth: ‘We Just Don’t Know How To Govern’

Tuesday’s Washington Post article about the inability of Republicans to agree on legislative priorities is so full of disgusting conservative policy, you couldn’t be blamed for missing a quote hidden in plain sight in the middle of it.

Commenting on the cancellation of a House Budget Committee meeting that was supposed to bring their resolution up for a vote, Arkansas Representative Steve Womack — who sits on that committee — was much more honest than he likely intended to be:

It’s almost like we’re serving in the minority right now. We just simply don’t know how to govern.”

That’s an understatement, Steve.

Why is he so upset? Hopefully, you’ll forgive my use of some vulgar terminology here:

Republicans, upon gaining complete control of the government — that is to say, the White House, Congress, and now the Supreme Court — have immense boners. They are walking around with shiny red hard-ons that they want to f*ck everyone but the rich with, and they don’t know where to stick them first.

Yes, that’s a gross way to put it. But it’s not far off the mark.

When Rep. Womack laments the Republican inability to govern, what he’s talking about is that the GOP has lots of dirty tricks up their sleeve, and because they can’t decide which ones to use first, they’re doing nothing. I think you’ll notice, in fact, that although plenty of terrible things have happened since January in the federal government, almost none of them have come from Congress. They debate and discuss, they propose and orate, but they’re not actually doing anything.

That’s good, of course. Those dirty tricks I mentioned are pretty effective: Making special rules so that they can pass things without having to win over the proper majority of Congress (or the public); Disemboweling programs that aid the poor and sick so they can spend more on war and tax cuts for the wealthy; Monkeying with the debt ceiling in order to extort what they want from their opponents.

The reason they can’t agree is bad, though — The disagreement isn’t over whether they should stick their elderly erections in something, but what should get it first, and how badly.

The article lists at least one example of what I’m talking about. House Republicans have already mostly agreed to cut $200 million in “mandatory spending” — that’s the stuff America needs. But the even worse faction within the GOP wants to cut even more, and they want the cuts to come from SNAP (food stamps) and TANF (temporary assistance for needy families).

Rep. Steve Womack is correct. Republicans don’t know how to govern. They barely know how to be human.

How will the Democrats respond to this public admission of failure? Will they pounce?

Let’s hope so.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images

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