GOP Operative Says He Worked With Russians To Get Hillary’s Emails And Give Them To Michael Flynn


It seems that not only were Hillary Clinton’s emails hacked during the election, but there’s a chance a GOP operative, involved in opposition research, actively tried to get his hands on some of those emails to give to Michael Flynn. Peter Smith, the operative in question, allegedly told some of his inner circle that he was “talking to Michael Flynn about his attempts to obtain those emails.”

Federal investigators have apparently seen intelligence reports that may show that Russian hackers actually did discuss getting hold of Hillary’s private emails to send to Flynn by way of a third party, like Peter Smith. Smith himself said that he and his team found two groups of hackers from Russia who said they had Hillary’s emails.

Smith then claims to have told all the groups with which he was in touch to give the emails to Wikileaks because he couldn’t verify them himself.

So there’s intelligence linking a Republican operative and a member of Trump’s campaign who transitioned to the administration before being let go to Russian hackers. In addition to Trump openly calling on Russia to find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails during the Republican National Convention last July.

But don’t tell Trumpkins any of this. They continue to insist that the Russia story is “fake news,” because their lord and savior is pure and would never collude with a hostile foreign power for the purpose of cheating his way into the White House. Worse, there are Republicans in Congress and on the cable news circuits that have literally said, “Is colluding with Russia really that bad?”

This kind of information isn’t just going to permanently sink Michael Flynn—he was ruined after it was discovered that he worked on behalf of the Turkish government without registering as a foreign agent—it’s also going cast an even bigger, darker shadow on Trump’s presidency (which will send him into more fits and make him try and deflect blame to, well, anybody else.

This is not normal.

Featured image via Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images

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