GOP Official Makes Clinton Sex Act Joke So Vile No Woman May Ever Vote Republican Again

It would seem the only people actually playing the “woman card” are those who are using Hillary Clinton’s gender to attack her, or make jokes directed at her being a woman.

Donald Trump is only the latest to use this “woman card” line against her, as though people wouldn’t vote for her based upon her merits, experience and extensive resume. Which, by the way, far exceeds any other candidate running on either side of the aisle. Although, sometimes being the best person for a job still isn’t enough for many to take a woman seriously in the workplace.

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Throwing what can probably be seen as the cheapest jab of all at Clinton was the chairman of the Broward Country GOP Executive Committee in Florida, Bob Sutton.

Sutton believes people aren’t going to like Clinton, even women voters, and that anyone going against her on the Republican ticket will easily defeat her. He decided to say:

I think when Donald Trump debates Hillary Clinton she’s going to go down like Monica Lewinsky.

And here’s the thing, it’s not even a creative jab. It’s a cheap joke that’s been told time and time again for over 20 years now. It’s wrong on every level. It’s disparaging to not only Clinton, but women everywhere. We get it, former President Bill Clinton had an affair. Pointing this out in not-so-subtle ways only proves you don’t have any real dirt on Hillary Clinton herself, and actually works to her favor. Well done, sexists everywhere!

What’s most ironic is that people like Donald Trump will say Hillary is using the “woman card,” when in actuality it’s him throwing his “man card” on the table to (pardon the pun) trump her experience and qualifications. Well, guess what? Gender is irrelevant when it comes to leadership. Instead, he’s clearly showing he’s terrified of her and is trying to throw her under the bus any way he knows how. Her credentials far outweigh his own, and seeing as he has absolutely no policy experience, foreign or domestic; nor any diplomatic experience, of which Hillary has an abundance of all, he’s pretty much toast and he knows it.

Enough of the misogyny, folks, it’s tired and will not be accepted any longer.

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