GOP Congressman Found Hiding Out On Roof Of Building (DETAILS)


U.S. Republican Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) was spotted hiding on the roof of his district office because he didn’t want to face his constituents who were protesting outside.

According to reports, when Issa entered the building he avoided talking to them. Issa didn’t want to take the time out of his day – instead he thought standing on his roof was more appropriate.

The protesters were apparently mad of his vote on Trumpcare, which would take health insurance away from 23 million Americans.

Mike Levin, who is running to unseat Issa in 2018, posted the photo of Issa on Twitter.

“Yes, this is really Darrell Issa on the roof of his district office building,” Levin wrote. “Too afraid to come speak with assembled constituents below.”





As soon as the media got wind of the story, Issa tried to play damage control by saying that he had spoken with “constituents” earlier in the day across the street. He specifically said he “spent the morning” out there. But, that’s not true at all.

He went outside earlier but someone on the scene said that Issa only came out for 5 minutes and stood off in the background disengaged. Mary Schrader says that he only talked to one Trump supporter and ignored everyone else.

That’s probably because they weren’t there to show him support (like he would like you to believe on Twitter) – rather they were demanding answers. That’s when Issa not only went back inside but decided to hang out on the building shooting video of the scene instead of talking to the people in his own district who came there looking to speak with him.




Regardless – the optics aren’t good – and Twitter gave him a field day for it.



One person even compared him to Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who was spotted hiding in the bushes a few weeks ago instead of talking to reporters about the latest scandal rocking the White House.




This isn’t looking good for Issa’s efforts to stay in Congress. It looks like the makings of the Titantic.

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