GOP Congress Just SHUT DOWN Trump’s #1 Campaign Promise; Trump FURIOUS

Congress just delivered an unmistakable message to the new President Elect. They are in charge, and Donald Trump should never forget it. The wall Trump promised, according to Congress, will never happen and neither will the deportations.

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Anyone capable of even a little critical thought knows that the wall Donald Trump has been promising his rubes is no more than a pipe dream. Like virtually everything that came out of Trump’s mouth, it was a lie. Still, Congress, in a gesture of solidarity with their party’s own leader, could have pretended, at least until Trump takes office, that the issues that people voted for were important to them too. Instead, they proved they don’t give a crap about voters or about Trump’s agenda by killing his wall.

In a press conference on Monday, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy insisted that they would be securing the border, but only partially with a wall. Much of the 1,900 mile border between Mexico and the United States won’t have a wall at all, though. Instead, according to McCarthy, they would use “technology,” presumably like drones, which are already being utilized in the Obama administration, which has been calling for more from Congress.

Even more significantly, though, is that Congress has already put its foot down when it comes to the mass deportations that Trump has been promising.

The majority leader pointed to Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday night, during which Trump said he would immediately deport immigrants with a criminal record, 2 million to 3 million people in Trump’s estimation. Trump did not say he would stop there, and he has repeatedly said throughout his campaign that anyone who came to the United States illegally would have to go back. But McCarthy suggested that Trump would end deportations with those immigrants who have a criminal record.

“That’s not new law,” McCarthy said. “That is just one law that is in the books, but it hasn’t been in effect.”

Source: Huffington Post

In other words, only known criminals will be deported. As for the rest, meh.

What we’ve witnessed over the last few years, between gerrymandering, Congressional obstructionism (especially their unwillingness to give President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, a hearing) and now this, is a GOP congressional coup.

They have no intention of letting Donald Trump lead the country. If that gives you comfort, it’s time to grab your security blanket. The Republican agenda has nothing to do with helping the people. It’s all about making the already rich richer and about giving corporations authority. Congress is already talking about privatizing Medicare, leaving seniors at the mercy of whims of pharmaceutical companies that hike prices more than 5,000 percent in a single day. Next on their chopping block could be the Post Office, Social Security. They are even talking about selling our national parks. Oh, did I also mention they have their hearts set on overturning Roe v. Wade and marriage equality?

The Republican agenda is frightening and they are not about to let a wildcard like Donald Trump get in their way. Trump is not a politician, which is part of what his voters liked about him, but that means he doesn’t have the political savvy to get Congress to work with him, even though they are of the same party. When you add a little more power to the GOP obstructionism we’ve seen in the last eight years, it quickly becomes GOP restrictionism. These next four years are going to be a very bumpy ride and the ramifications could last for decades.

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