‘Good Guy With A Gun’ Threatens Mom And Kids Over A Parking Spot

“An armed society is a polite society,” according to the monumental numbskulls at the NRA and their vapidity — but as always this easily digestible one-liner proves to be great in pro-gun propaganda, but fails to match up to what goes on in the real world.

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Nakisha Wardlow had stopped at Sam’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee to check the prices of school uniforms for her four children. As she was packing up her car, she noticed a man in his 60s waiting for her spot. Since she planned to be a minute, she explained to him that she would be a minute.

“I let the driver know I was fixing my daughter’s clothes with the door open. He said, ‘You can’t tell me where to park!’ I said, ‘I am not telling you where to park. I was just letting you know why I was taking so long. He proceeds to cuss me out,” she told WREG.

She says her 14-year-old son got out of the car to protect her from the crazed individual in the truck who decided acting in a threatening manner wasn’t good enough without a gun in hand.

“The driver was behind the truck already. [He went] back to the door to get [his] gun. Clearly, there are children in the car. I’m still telling my son to sit down. He got a gun. Sit down,” she said, mimicking how the “good guy with a gun” was gripping his weapon as he threatened a woman and her children.

“If I got out that car that man was going to shoot and I knew it,” she said.

The truck-driving savior of humanity apparently fled after she called police and her son ran off to grab security.

“I’ve been up 27 hours since yesterday when I got off work crying. I feel helpless because I couldn’t help my child,” Wardlow says. “Can’t even have Southern hospitality because it’s being taken the wrong way.” From now on, she plans to park in the back of parking lots to avoid such violent situations in the future — something she should not have to do in order to feel safe.

Police are still searching for her assailant.

Watch a report on the attack below:

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