George Takei Puts Donald Trump Jr. In His Place For Russian Meeting (DETAILS)

As America gets rocked with new information on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal on a daily basis, some of the country’s most well-known voices are finding new ways to express and communicate just how bad the situation is.

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Recently, renowned actor and activist George Takei dragged Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., for meeting with a Russian lawyer during his father’s presidential campaign in a disgusting attempt to acquire damaging information about Hillary Clinton. In response to this exploding scandal and the lies that have been exposed after Trump Jr. admitted to the meeting, Takei wrote a powerful column – and poem – to sum up just how much incompetent Trump and his inner circle have screwed themselves over.

The Star Trek series star hammered Trump’s son:

The latest ‘I can’t believe this actually happened’ bombshell concerns, of course, not Trump himself but his namesake, Donald, Jr., whose emails confirming Russian support for his father and meddling in the election present such low hanging evidentiary fruit that even Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions III could pick them.”

Takei also threw other top members of Trump’s administration under the bus for their involvement in the scandal:

Importantly, Junior also had copied then-campaign manager Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner on his response, indicating that the campaign’s senior staff were willing to accept damaging information on the Democratic opponent from a foreign hostile state. Their subsequent attendance of the meeting confirmed this. This email string thus comprises the first direct evidence of coordination between the campaign and the Russians, but unlikely the last.”

Takei explained that Trump Jr.’s stupidity has just gotten himself and his father in some very serious legal trouble.

It is arguably a federal offense to obtain anything of value from a foreign agent during the course of a national election. If that information was then passed to Trump Senior, which the timing of his draft speech indicates, then there’s strong evidence that Senior was also in the know.”

Takei then epically reminded everyone that Trump was absolutely obsessed with Clinton’s emails during the 2016 campaign, when it was his own son he should have been worried about.

And what poetic irony it would be if Trump’s downfall resulted from emails.”

To make this takedown even more brilliant, Takei wrote a poem for Trump Jr.:

Lest there be any confusion

Don Jr. has dispelled the illusion

His emails revealed

What they thought was concealed

Now he’s gonna do time for collusion

Absolutely brilliant.

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