Fox’s Shep Smith Goes OFF On Trump For Lying: ‘What They’re Saying Is Not True…Again’ (VIDEO)

When you’ve lost Fox News…

Adding to the mounting criticism of Trump’s repeated and flagrant lies, a clearly fed up Shep Smith blasted the Trump White House for pushing what he correctly noted were “fringe media” outlets like InfoWars while labeling more reputable organizations like the New York Times “fake news” for the fact that they criticized him.

Trump has recently withdrawn completely into his bubble of right-wing news enablers in order to avoid the truths that his administration is flailing, stumbling and already historically unpopular. The result, Shep noted, was the President of the United States relying on ridiculous lies to justify his policies – including suggesting that the media was covering up terror attacks to undermine his Muslim ban.

“In short, the president’s assertion is false. The White House knows that it was false or could have learned that it was false with a quick Google check, but either did not do so or decided not to tell the truth.”

The list of “78 terrorist attacks” that Trump claims the media hid from the public is ludicrous. Widely debunked, the list includes such heavily-covered events as the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris and the San Bernardino one in the United States. Both acts of terror were given nearly non-stop coverage for weeks. At the time, Trump himself tweeted about the Charlie Hebdo attack in his typically abhorrent way.

The sheer audacity of this lie astounded even those working at Fox News, as Shep Smith clearly demonstrates. The fact that even the right-wing network can’t stand behind Trump on this shows just how sad these lies are getting.

Watch Shep Smith blow Trump out of the water below via Raw Story:

Featured image via Fox News

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