Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Defends Trump, And Twitter Gleefully Makes Him Regret It (TWEETS)


One of the things that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson does on his show is “Tucker’s Thoughts.” That includes a bullet list of his thoughts on whatever the news of the day is. Today’s news of the day is Trump’s meltdown when grilled by the press about his weak response to Charlottesville, and why it took him so long to actually condemn the alt-right hate groups that caused someone’s death. So of course, Tucker went all in on trying to defend Trump.

Basically, he built on Trump’s false equivalency that says if a historical figure owned slaves, then by definition we cannot honor them. Here are his thoughts:

Image via screen capture

The mental gymnastics all these people go through to justify what Trump says and does are simply amazing. So Twitter, of course, is not letting him get away with this. Buzzfeed’s Jesse McLaren took Tucker’s “thoughts,” made the whole list blank, and literally told Twitter to have at it.

And they did with such glee and abandon that it’s hard not to make your face hurt with laughter (WARNING: NSFW):


Featured image via video screen capture

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