Fox News Just Posted Poll Proving How Dumb Their Viewers Are (IMAGE)

In what would seem a lame attempt at trying to make Donald Trump less horrible than he is, Fox News put out a poll asking people if they think his tweets are official statements.

Here’s the short answer — yes. Especially when he retweets his own tweets with the official @POTUS account. In fact, his tweets can be considered presidential records, and when he deletes them, he may be violating the Presidential Records Act.

So, when Fox News put out this poll, they are actually showing how dumb many of their viewers are.

Fox News tweeted out this graphic showing how many people think what the president says is official:

“Fox News Poll: Are President @realDonaldTrump’s tweets official statements? #SpecialReport”


Let’s think about that. Nearly half of the people polled think the president should get away with saying whatever he wants with no consequence and it shouldn’t be considered official presidential statements. Now, sure, they don’t come from the White House via official press release, but they are, for the most part, especially the angry rants, written by him. Thus, once the tweets are live and public, they are now public record.

Way to go, Fox News! Thanks for proving what we already knew!

Featured image via Wikimedia

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