Fox News Host Sent D*ck Pics To Colleagues Because That’s Apparently What They Do Over There

Hey ladies, ever take a look at your TV, see Fox News host Eric Bolling, and think, “I gotta get me some of that?” No, you haven’t. No one has. Ever.

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Now imagine your horror if you got an unsolicited text message from Bolling containing a photo of his, well he probably calls it “Little Benghazi” or something stupid.

Savor that feeling for a moment. Pretty terrible, huh? That feeling you’re feeling right now is something human women have actually been forced to experience.

At least two of Bolling’s colleagues at Fox Business and one at Fox News received photos of Bolling’s junk. Two of his former Fox News colleagues confirmed that the photos, obtained by Huff Post, did indeed come from Bolling’s number while a whopping four others had seen the photos and another eight had heard complaints from recipients.

In total, 14 people talked to the publication about the longtime Fox News host’s junk — which makes this 2011 tweet from Bolling pretty f*cking hilarious:

Yes, Eric, why would they?

Fox News plans to “investigate” — something that has become very common given the number of Bolling’s colleagues who have lost their jobs recently for sexually harassing women.

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