Fox News Hits New Level Of White Supremacy; What Host Says Will Make You Throw Something (VIDEO)

Since the inception of Fox News, they’ve always displayed thinly veiled racism that’s been pointed out, but because it wasn’t blatantly obvious, it has been startlingly overlooked by its many viewers. And as the saying goes: Fox News isn’t racist, but is number one with racists across America. So, even if it is racist broadcasting, they’re not gonna notice because they agree with it.

Now, in Donald Trump’s America, Fox News clearly feels perfectly fine with displaying their white pride right out there in the open. They are even touting ridiculous myths that with the rising equality of people of color, that means white people are being discriminated against.

Fox News host Steve Hilton of “The Next Revolution” said exactly this. While promoting his show on ‘FOX & friends’ he said he’s bringing on a guest who believes:

“If you’re in the white working class these days, you’re the people that are the victims of discrimination.”

Watch the shocking video here:

Yes. What you just saw was white supremacy out in the open.

News flash, Steve Hilton, equality and better opportunities for people of color is NOT discrimination of white people. And basically, by saying that white, working class folks are discriminated against, you’re saying that they can’t compete with people of color in the workplace.

It seems Hilton and the guest he’s so willingly bringing on his show are fearful that they aren’t as good or experienced as people of color and they really need the edge of being white to help with their advancement. Sad, really.

Also, if you’re still willfully watching Fox News and think that its an accurate depiction of the news and the world, we’ve got a bridge we’d like to sell you.

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