Fox News Calls For Assassination Of Foreign Leader (VIDEO)

To say Fox News jumped the shark is an understatement that happened long, long ago. They are clearly the media branch of the Republican party and aren’t ashamed of it nor hide from it.

Now, in a moment that is even being promoted on their Twitter account, not because of how horrible it is, but because they see it promotion-worthy, ‘The Five’ host Jesse Watters just called for the assassination of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

Watters said:

“I think the only legitimate option is an assassination attempt or a coup.”

Here’s the video:

This is pounding not only the drumbeat of war but one of the worst kinds around. And imagine if a news channel in another nation called for the assassination of our leader — let’s just say we would literally be up in arms. It’s not okay.

No one will disagree the North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is an oppressive dictator who is dangerous, but to call for his assassination on live television on the *president’s network of choice? No. Absolutely not. That’s never okay.

(*pending investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election)

Featured photo via Wikimedia

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