Fox News Accidentally Reveals Numbers Showing Trump Behaves Like A Dictator (IMAGE)

It’s not really clear why Fox News, the channel of the Republican party and apologetic lover of Donald Trump, would tweet out the numbers that they just did. However, they did, and it’s pretty startling.

For as much as the folks over at Fox News tried to call former President Obama a dictator, it’s become clear, that if anyone has more dictatorial tendencies, it’s Donald Trump.

Trump has used just about double the number of Executive Orders in his first six months in office compared to the previous five presidents.

Fox News tweeted out:

“Number of executive orders – first six months in office – @POTUS vs. @POTUS44 vs. Bush 43 vs. @billclinton vs. Bush 41 vs. Reagan.”

Oopsie! Probably didn’t mean to show that Trump looks far more like a dictator than his predecessors. He’s clearly drunk with power, and what saddest about all this is, it almost seems like Fox News is painting this as a good thing.

Trump clearly cares less about the legislative process of successful policy and more about what he can do on his own. Instead of “We, the People…” he’s more “I, the king…” You know, if we’re going to use the language conservatives used for Obama.

Nonetheless, this image doesn’t look good for Trump.

Featured Photo by Getty Images

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