Former Trump Advisor Goes After Montel Williams, Immediately Regrets His Decision (TWEETS)

If you haven’t heard, former Trump campaign communications advisor Michael Caputo will soon be sitting before the House Intelligence Committee to testify about his connections to (gasp!) Russia.

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Caputo, the latest cloud of smoke in the political equivalent of a raging forest fire, once worked in Moscow and has numerous connections to Russia but calls the investigation “pure unadulterated bullshit.”

Upon learning that Caputo will be testifying, Montel Williams had the same reaction any of us would have upon learning that a terrible human being has to do something that is uncomfortable for him:

Caputo, who was apparently scouring the interwebs for comments about himself, hit back at Williams, bringing up some work he did  in the past as a paid spokesperson for a payday lending service.

On May 9, the committee asked Caputo to provide “any documents, records, electronically stored information including email, communication, recordings, data and tangible things” that could “reasonably lead to the discovery of any facts within the investigation’s publicly announced parameters.” He says he is coming forward voluntarily with the information.

In his haste to attack Williams about something entirely unrelated and not even approaching the level of colluding with a hostile foreign dictatorship to undermine our election and install a fascist in the Oval Office, Caputo seems to have forgotten that he’s under investigation — so Montel reminded him.

Then he brought it home:

It’s not clear what is happening lately, but sh*t is going down. On Friday morning — at just after 3:20 a.m. — former Attorney General Eric Holder tweeted support (and a warning) for FBI and Department of Justice personnel.

“To the career men & women at DOJ/FBI: your actions and integrity will be unfairly questioned,” Holder said, apparently alluding to the increasing right-wing efforts to discredit both institutions. “Be prepared, be strong. Duty. Honor. Country.”

Caputo seems worried about something. Wonder what it is?

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