Former Spies Predict Nothing But Disaster For Trump’s First Meeting With Putin

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin is who Donald Trump aspires to be. He’s a brutal strongman who cares nothing for democracy and puts down opposition to his brutal rule with brute force. Trump wishes he had the ability to do that here in America. That’s why Trump has refused to criticize Putin, and it’s also why Trump will be absolutely no match for Putin in their face to face meeting at the G-20 Summit in Germany on Friday.

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Of course, there’s the shadow of the Russian hacking investigation regarding the 2016 election hanging over all of this. Further, there’s the fact that Putin will have prepared for this meeting, whereas Trump, since he has the attention span of a gnat on meth, most likely has not. There’s also the fact that Putin once led one of the most dangerous and manipulative military intelligence operations in the world, the former Soviet Union’s KGB. Combine all of that with how Trump responds to flattery, his obvious ignorance and incompetence – and well, it should come as no surprise that former spies predict a disastrous result from this meeting.

Several spies spoke with the Daily Beast’s Spencer Ackerman on the matter. He writes:

(F)lattery is key to dealing with the ‘sociopathic narcissist’ tendencies one ex-CIA interrogator sees in Trump. Putin is likely to stoke Trump’s ire, encourage him against his perceived enemies and validate his inclinations — particularly the ones that move U.S. policy in the directions Putin wants.

Glenn Carle, whose career included interrogating people for the CIA, says of Trump:

Trump is just about a sociopathic narcissist. That’s not to denounce him, just an assessment of the guy…. Fulsome praise, full of garbage, is a small price to pay to get what you want.”

In other words, Putin is a very skilled manipulator who has likely sized up Trump’s psyche. There is no doubt that he will do or say anything to get what he wants from Trump. He’ll also use Trump’s open admiration of him that almost amounts to some kind of weird, slavish, embarrassing crush to the Russian advantage as well.

Folks, we’re screwed on this one. Donald Trump is no match for Vladimir Putin. He’ll walk out of that meeting even more enamored than ever with Putin and the Russian way of doing things, and will likely have sold the nation out to boot.

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