Former Russian Ambassador Just Tore Trump APART In Devastating 10-Tweet Beatdown

Former Ambassador to Russia under Barack Obama, Michael McFaul, has had just about enough of Donald Trump’s bullsh*t.

On Thursday, Donald Trump  praised Vladimir Putin for sanctioning the United States, thanking the dictator for “cutting down on our payroll” and adding, “there’s no real reason for them to go back.”

Contrary to The Donald’s belief, not very many people are happy with the constant d*ck-sucking that is going on with Vladimir Putin — especially McFaul, who responded to Trump’s remarks with a brutal series of tweets.

“Trump just applauded cuts of 755 in Russian embassy,” McFaul tweeted. “Maybe he should look to trim his own staff? You realize Mr. President that the State Dept organizes US delegations to [the Global Entrepreneurship Summit] — those same people you just said were not needed in Russia.”

“Our diplomats, professional staff, and military serving in Russia provide Washington with invaluable information about Russia.,” he continued. “Imagine wanting to know less about Russia’s military modernization! That’s what Trump praised today.”

“Imagine wanting to know less about Russian foreign policy intentions and plans!” McFaul said. “That’s what embassy personnel reductions will do.”

Of course, given Trump and his associates’ rather cozy ties with all things Russia, it’s probably in Trump’s best interest that the United States know as little about what the Kremlin is doing as possible.

“Imagine dissing Americans –patriots serving our country under difficult conditions in Russia -to praise Putin,” the former ambassador continued. “Our president did today.”

Read his entire devastating beatdown below:

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