Former Obama Official Mocks Trump, Points Out MAJOR Thing Obama Staffers Never Had To Do


As Donald Trump desperately continues his pathetic effort to outdo President Obama, a former Obama White House staffer tweeted about one thing Trump has done that Obama never had to do.

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As we all know, Trump’s legal troubles continue to grow, especially now that Trump Jr. has confirmed that Trump’s campaign did, indeed, collude with Russia during the 2016 Election.

The Russia scandal has only worsened for Trump as new information comes to light every day, and White House staffers are panicking to the point that they are now hiring their own lawyers. Even Donald Trump has sought outside council to represent him.

Chris Lu, who served as President Obama’s White House Cabinet Secretary and then as Deputy Secretary of Labor, took to Twitter on Thursday with an observation that makes it clear how corrupt and scandal-ridden Trump’s administration really has become.

That’s right. Lu literally mocked Trump’s White House for needing to hire attorneys. And he’s correct about President Obama’s staffers not ever needing to hire a lawyer. President Obama’s administration is the first in decades to not have one criminal indictment. And that is despite endless investigations by Republicans.

The reason why Trump staffers are lawyering up is because evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia is mounting and Trump’s team is desperately trying to cover it up with lies and falsehoods, putting them in legal jeopardy.

Lu perfectly demonstrated why so many Americans want President Obama back, and why conservatives are complete hypocrites for continuing to support Trump. For years, Republicans desperately investigated Obama’s administration looking for anything to call a scandal, anything to pin on Obama so they could indict him or members of his staff. All of those efforts fizzled out and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars for nothing more than what amounts to a vendetta against America’s first black president.

Meanwhile, Trump has literally committed crimes to put himself in office and he and his staffers are covering up the biggest criminal scandal in American political history. And Republicans are just ignoring it.

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