Former Mexican President Brutally Reminds Trump That Mexico Will Never Pay For His Ridiculous Wall

How many times does Mexico have to tell Donald Trump that they are NOT going to pay for his wall before he gets it through his thick skull?

On Thursday night, news broke that Donald Trump will ask Congress to pay for his wall along the southern border, which would require approving the use of taxpayer dollars. In fact, Trump’s wall is estimated to cost at least $25 billion and could very well be higher.

Trump’s team has already been reaching out to Republican lawmakers and they appear to be VERY willing to waste billions of taxpayer dollars on a project that won’t do a damn thing to stop people from crossing the border.

Of course, this would be breaking a promise Trump repeatedly made on the campaign trail that he will force Mexico to pay the cost of the wall.

On Friday morning, Trump threw a hissy fit and insisted that Mexico will reimburse the American people for the cost of the wall.

And that led former Mexican President Vicente Fox to issue a reminder to Trump that Mexico won’t be paying a single dime for the wall no matter how much Trump tries to bully them into doing so.

And many Twitter users agreed with with Fox while slamming Trump’s wall.

Donald Trump’s wall is the shiny object he dangled in front of his supporters to make them vote for him and now he’s going to make them pay for the wall. Trump supporters got duped, or as Mexicans would say, engañado.

Featured Image: George Frey/Getty Images

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