Former Congresswoman With Life Threatening Illness Begs Trump Not To Make Insurance Unaffordable

Donald’s Trump’s atrocious health care plan is leaving many people and their families in fear because they don’t know what will happen to them.

Trump care is set to leave millions without any help, which can mean a death sentence for those with life-threatening illnesses. A former congresswoman, with multiple sclerosis, took to the Washington Post to basically plead with Trump’s Congress not to make insurance unaffordable for her while she fights for her health.

Donna F. Edwards, a Democrat who served in Congress for  9 years, says she had a hard time deciding whether she write the post for WaPo but knew that it needed to be done realizing Trump’s healthcare could possibly end her life.

I struggled over whether to write, but following the House passage of the American Health Care Act, and now the work that’s going on in the Senate, I knew I must.

Edwards expressed in that open letter to Congress how she was perfectly covered under Obamacare.

Once I received my diagnosis, I was determined to find a great neurologist, which I did. I read up on the latest treatments and research studies. I wanted to take control of my treatment. I also knew that I was fortunate to be diagnosed relatively early and to have great health-care coverage, which enabled me to take care of my medical needs without worrying.

That is a totally different case from where Edwards is today. She is no longer in Congress as of 2017 and she lost her race in April 2016 Senate primary. It hurt her.  She is now unemployed battling a disease and unsure how she will pay for her medical expenses.

 I pay $800 a month for my COBRA coverage, which ends in June 2018. I’m not sure what I’ll do then. My medication, which has thankfully halted the progression of my MS, costs roughly $73,000 a year. I’ve had three sets of MRI scans and will require one each year to check my progress; that’s roughly $7,000 each. I admit, I do not completely understand all of the bills. It’s very confusing.

Edwards wanted it to be clear that she had to fight for where she was in Congress as a black woman and still never made it to the stature of her colleagues.

Unlike some of you, I am not wealthy. When I was younger, I had the experience of not having health insurance, and I almost lost my home after landing in the emergency room. One reason I ran for Congress was to help make sure no one would have to go through that, and I was proud to be one of the presiding officers when the Affordable Care Act passed. I did not think the law was perfect; I believed it was a good start. I never thought I could have to go back to a time when I would not have health-care coverage.

Edwards story is one that many people around the world can relate to. Not knowing if they would have health care and how they can afford it. That is something that Obama helped with, giving people a chance to purchase health care at a price that works for them. But here we are in Trump’s America, fighting for lives and not know where we will fit into his health care system that wasn’t built with us in mind. Hopefully, Edwards finds a solution where she will not have to worry any longer.

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