Former Attorney General Just Called Out Trump For Dangerous Behavior; It’s ‘Beyond Abnormal’ (TWEET)

Since taking office, Donald Trump has been on a very dangerous tear. Throughout his campaign and his short, sorry excuse for a “presidency,” the orange overlord has been busily doing all he can to dismantle the institutions that make this democratic republic function. He has sown distrust among his cult-like base in the free press, and declared war on the truth. Now, with Special Counsel Robert Mueller closing in on Trump’s inner circle, the paranoid toddler in the Oval Office is going after the intelligence community and the Department of Justice — and, indeed, the very rule of law — with a vengeance. Well, there is one legal scholar who has had more than enough of Trump’s dangerous lawlessness, and is speaking out: Former Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates.

Of course, Yates became a Constitutional hero when she spoke out about how Trump fired her for doing her job, and by refusing to defend and enforce his Unconstitutional Muslim ban. She also exposed how she had warned the White House Counsel, as well as Trump himself, that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was potentially compromised by the Russians. As we all know, Flynn has now pled guilty to lying to the FBI and has likely flipped on Team Trump.

As far as Yates’ concern with Trump’s current antics goes, she took to the orange one’s favorite social media tool to warn the world: Twitter. Linking to Trump’s paranoid insanity about some kind of “deep state” trying to undermine him, Yates tweeted:

Of course, Sally Yates is correct. He’s acting like this is some kind of banana republic, where dictators rule over the people with an iron fist, rather than the United States of America. This is not normal, and it is indeed dangerous. Someone needs to rein Trump in, and it is clear that the GOP Congress has zero intention of doing that. All the more reason to elect a Democratic Congress in 2018. It might make the difference between having a nation left after Trump, or being left in unrecognizable ruin.

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